Reserve the Best Hotel in Central London With an Amazing Price


Travelling and taking holidays is always a good idea for families, friends or even couples. It is a good way of spending time together, catching up for business or leisure purpose. Traveling also means you may require the need to use a hotel, and London is one place with a rich history and being a cosmopolitan city, its packed with numerous affordable hotels.

Hotels with amazing prices in London

Best Western Seraphine Kensington Olympia is one of the hotels in central London, which offers amazing prices. It is a modern, chic and intimate hotel which is suitable for business trips or holidays. Its located conveniently near major tourist attractions, tube stations, Holland Park, high-end street Kensington shops, as well as tour bus stops. This luxurious hotel has stylish bedrooms that come in different booking packages to accommodate the needs of the guests. The available accommodation options at Seraphine Olympia are a family room, single room, double standard room, and superior double room. The transport links in Seraphine Olympia hotel are excellent with the tube station just a few minutes’ walk away. Staying at this wonderful hotel comes with an advantage of having:

  • A computer kiosk
  • Breakfast buffet and a lounge bar where guests relax and have drinks
  • Parking available at Hornton Street car park, which is a two minutes’ walk from the hotel.

Advantages of reserving the best hotel in central London

Reserving the best hotel in central London means you are opting for the many facilities it brings to you as a guest. Selecting the top hotel automatically means you would be able to enjoy London’s world-famous architecture and classic history.

Big Ben

Big Ben, the massive clock tower, is one of the pieces in London, it has survived the nerve wracking bomb raids that took place during the Second World War.

London Eye

The London Eye, which is a huge Ferris wheel on the south bank of River Thames, was built for the purpose of millennium celebrations, is another iconic piece which offers breathtaking views.

The Shard

The Shard is another piece where the tourists can enjoy cocktails, dinners as well as having the best views in London.

Kensington palace

Kensington palace tells you about the history of London as the Royal Family has resided there since the 17th century. The palace is not limited to the public together with the gardens that surround it.

Parks and Relaxing places

There many parks in London that can be used for relaxing. Hyde Park, Regents Park, and Marble Park are some of the many parks near the best hotels in London where guests stay over.

Historic Museums

A museum is also an important place with renowned collections from all over the world. The London museum houses (or museums house?) over eight million items collected from various countries globally, including the Elgin Marbles, Rosetta stone, and Egyptian mummies.

(Heading is same as previous heading. Please Rewrite)Reserving the best hotel in London in an affordable price means saving money, which can be used for shopping in London. River Island, H&M, Topman, Dr. Martens and Nudie Jeans are among the major shopping brands in London. Once you start exploring London, the best restaurants, bars, and pubs are completely on you to unwind and have something to eat while you’re at it. Theater shows are also available in London, where you can enjoy famous shows in perfect deals, along with classical music performances.


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