Tips For Hotel Reservation In London


The decision to be made on the selection of a hotel in London feels indefinite for any trip because of the vastness of the city. Thinking of the best place for having a holiday with your family or your loved one therefore becomes tiresome due to lots of places proffering great sceneries, food and services. All these things come in variety to suite each customer’s need so making a choice will depend on a few considerations before making a reservation.

The key tips before making a reservation will include the following;

Booking Timelines

It is most obvious that during the peak season in London which is between the months of June and August, you will encounter a lot of disappointments while rushing to find a place once you arrive. It is therefore worth it to make early reservations or book in advance before the peak season reaches. Paying once you arrive is also not advisable as you’re likely to be paying over the unusual. Waiting until the rush hour can also affect the credit card balance. The hotel rates may go up to a certain time and one may be left without a room if all the rooms are booked or if any is left it may not be within your budget. Even though the best time to make a reservation is not specific, examining the prices at least 40 days in advance will enable one to monitor the trend and book once the prices seem to rise. Moreover, it doesn’t cost you much when you make your reservations earlier having in mind that the early bird catches worms.

Hotel Price

Ever come across an advertisement of a lovely hotel of your choice offering “affordable prices”! You will certainly be lured to make a quick reservation according to the demand. Never be in haste while doing this. When it comes to the price, the best thing to do is to compare. This is made possible by accessing websites which reveal multiple prices from multiple booking sites in one window. You only need to specify the travel dates and the spot and the online site will give a detailed option that matches your needs.

The hotel price will also assist in making a budget. By determining a budget prior to making the reservations, you will be able to come up with the total expenditure thus not exceeding the intended budget. It also saves a lot of time when you come up with a budget in advance because you already have the total assurance and confidence in a certain hotel of choice thereby only booking is to be done.

The Location of the Hotel

A good site for the hotel should be at a central place enabling you to have a view of the good historical places such as the museum. It should be well located to enable you to have access to other facilities around the place such as the restaurant, bar, shop and the road. This can be done by checking the mailing address or finding the exact location on Google maps.

Knowing the exact location will also enable you to book hotel if there are multiple hotels by the same chain in the city. Knowing your location will help you contact a travel agent and plan for movement during the trip if you are supposed to stay in a remote area.

Hotels in London are located centrally to enable the traveller have a good view of the wonderful sites such as the museums.

Check Reviews

Do a background check by reading reviews. This will help you make the best decision as it is done by those who have visited the place and have shared their views. To get an accurate picture of the hotel, choose the review sites wisely. Reviews which over praise the hotel may exaggerate the information providence and should therefore be avoided.

Look out for the Cancellation Policy

Unavoidable circumstances such as illness, bad weather conditions and change of visiting sites do occur. And in the event that such things occur, it is advisable to use policies that encourage refunding your money. Low rates are often not refundable. To avoid this, triple check the policy by;

  • Browsing travel websites
  • Reading reviews
  • Calling ahead
  • contacting a travel agent for remote destinations

Request the Type of Room that you Desire

In case you are to travel with your family, friend, close relative, request for accommodation that will the number of occupancy. If you have a problem with noisy places, ensure you are away from the elevators, or ice machines.

If disabled, inquire for rooms that will be comfortable for your condition.


Where there are many different people in a city such as London, different characters are developed. The intention of a person may not be known, therefore, you may encounter attacks. Make sure the security of the place is stable. Does the hotel have a CCTV camera or enough security guards?

What other Facilities are Offered?

Do they offer entertainment during the stay or have kids’ facilities?

Before making your reservation, it is good that you consider other facilities that are in the hotel.

Since this is a life time experience, you are advised to know the compositions of the hotel such as the Wi-Fi, swimming pool, spa, bar, restaurant and parking. This ensures that you secure a home away from home environment. You also need a secured place to park your car.


London is a place to be! Whether you travel often or you are planning to go for a holiday soon, it always becomes overwhelming to get the best hotel which suites your needs. However, by considering the factors above, you will definitely make your stay memorable and it will be a life time experience which is not worth forgetting. ‘The early bird catches the worm.’ If you prepare adequately, you will never regret the experience.

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